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Empowering Women
After Divorce

Leah Marie Mazur is a certified Divorce Recovery Coach helping women rebuild their self-confidence and thrive after divorce.

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If You Want To...

  • Rebuild your confidence & self-esteem

  • Release guilt, shame & feelings of failure

  • Stop repeating old patterns​

  • Reduce your fear of being alone

  • Know who you are & know your worth​

  • Make life after divorce a life you love

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Move Forward and Feel Good Again

You Deserve This Investment!


Single Session

This 60-minute session is for you if you want to gain clarity, guidance, or tips on something specific that you're going through.




This 4-week commitment is the perfect option for you if you can't commit to the full 8-week program right now, but want to get unstuck & boost your self-confidence.


Divorce Detox Program

This 8-week commitment is for you if you want to go further, faster, by targeting all elements at the deepest level with maximum support.



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Divorced & Empowered

Want to be part of a judgement-free community of women rebuilding after divorce?


Join my private Facebook group

It's Your Time to Thrive!

It's time to get unstuck & find the happiness you deserve. I can give you the tools, guidance & support you need to move forward, feel good again, & create the life you really want.

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Your Transformation

You'll learn how to release your fear & reduce overwhelm, find inner-peace & acceptance, and break old patterns so that you can move forward with clarity & confidence, know your worth, and find true happiness.

Dating After Divorce

So, you're tempted to get back in the dating game, but aren't sure if you're really ready?

Take my FREE Relationship Readiness Quiz to see how you score.

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Been There, Done That...Twice

Girl, I've survived two divorces and know exactly what you're going through. ​


Feeling discouraged, self-esteem down the toilet, & afraid I'll repeat the same mistakes.


After my first divorce, I hopped right into another relationship & brought my unhealed wounds & low self-worth with me. It wasn't until my second divorce that I had the aha moment that would change my entire life.

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Featured In

"I Am Not What Happened To Me.

I Am What I Choose To Become."

"Leah is just amazing. I am so glad I found her as she has me focused on my FUTURE & creating a life that I love, rather than the current sadness of my divorce. She challenges me in the best way and has been such a great support to me."

- Lisa B.

Want To Skip The Trial & Error So That You Can Move Forward Faster? Schedule A Free Call Now!

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