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Leah Mazur, Mindfully Ready. Divorce Recovery Coach

Helping Moms Heal After Divorce

Certified Divorce Recovery Coach Leah Marie Mazur gives divorced moms the tools they need in order to heal so they become the best version of themselves for their kids.

Ready To Feel Good Again?

I've helped countless moms go from feeling angry, guilty & overwhelmed to gaining clarity, finding peace, and starting their new chapter with confidence.

Been There, Done That...Twice!

I'm a mom who's survived TWO divorces and know exactly what you're going through.


Your kids deserve the healed version of you. When you put yourself first you can destress, find more balance, and be a better mom for your kids.

Mindfully Ready. Divorce Recovery Coach.

Featured In

"I Am Not What Happened To Me.

I Am What I Choose To Become."

"Leah is just amazing. I am so glad I found her as she has me focused on my FUTURE & creating a life that I love, rather than the current sadness of my divorce. She challenges me in the best way and has been such a great support to me."

- Lisa B.

Divorced & Empowered

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Divorced AF
Empowerment Guide

Ready to find acceptance, build your self-esteem, and gain clarity on what's next? 

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Divorce Recovery
Digital Bundle

Want to combat loneliness, avoid critical mistakes, and learn how to practice self-care?

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You Deserve To Feel Good Again.
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