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Certified Divorce Recovery Coach

Helping you through the mental + emotional side of divorce so you can heal and create a healthy, fulfilling life for you and your kids.

"I am not what happened to me.

I am what I choose to become."

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Embrace Your New Chapter

Divorce is an opportunity to embark on an epic journey of self-discovery, deep healing, and creating the healthy & fulfilling life you freakin deserve.

When you become the best version of yourself, you're also giving your kids the best version of you.

So, if you're ready to make peace with your past, find happiness, develop healthy habits & coping skills, and be the role model you want for your kids, you've come to the right place!

Leah Marie Mazur

I'm a mom who's survived not one, but TWO divorces. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way so you don't have to.

My passion is helping my clients cultivate self-love and self-awareness. Why? Because the relationship you have with yourself directly impacts every decision you make, every relationship you have, and the results you're seeing in your life.

It took me years of therapy, research, and a shit-ton of trial & error to learn what I now teach my clients in a fraction of the time:

  • Navigating your emotional rollercoaster like a boss

  • Finding peace & acceptance

  • Setting and maintaining boundaries

  • Discovering and embracing your authentic self

  • Prioritizing your needs & practicing self-care

  • Kicking self-doubt & negative self-talk to the curb

  • Becoming the best version of yourself for you and your kids


Why Coaching is Your Secret Weapon for Transformation

Accountability to Your Well-Being

It's easy to lose yourself when you're busy putting everyone else first. I'll help you finally follow through on actions that bring you closer to your goals so you can be, do, and have what you really want.

Personalized Expert Guidance

Google and self-help books can only take you so far. I'll give you tailored advice for your unique situation so you can evolve from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to being empowered and in control of your life.

Emotional & Mental Support

You're going to have good days and bad days. I'll help you break through mental barriers, habits, and limiting beliefs so you can go from being a hostage of your past to the architect of your future.

"Leah is just amazing. I am so glad I found her as she has me focused on my FUTURE & creating a life that I love, rather than the current sadness of my divorce. She challenges me in the best way and has been such a great support to me."

- Lisa B.

Divorced & Empowered
Support Group

You're not alone. Our kickass community of strong & resilient women are here to uplift, inspire, and empower you as you navigate your new life.

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FREE Divorced AF
Empowerment Guide

Get the tools & exercises that will help you gain acceptance, build your self-esteem, and gain clarity on what you want next.

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