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Live Your Best Life

Sure, divorce can feel like a total dumpster fire, but what if you choose to see it as a fresh chance to grab hold of your happiness and run with it?


The Next Chapter: Monthly Membership

Introducing your new divorce besties: Divorce Coaches Leah and Sam. We've been in your shoes, and now we're here to guide you toward your best Next Chapter!


Join our tribe of amazing women, just like you, who are transforming their lives with our exclusive weekly trainings.


Group Coaching with Sam & Leah

Group Coaching is your personal guide to mastering life after divorce.


Connect with a tribe of women who actually get what you're going through. Gain wisdom from their stories, find answers to your questions, and experience the power of healing together. You'll learn how to rebuild your self-worth, co-parent with confidence, and create a fulfilling new life.

Co-working space

Confidence Ever After: Online Course

Drawing from my own experiences, plus years of guiding women through the same struggles, I've created a transformative, self-paced digital course that will walk you through step-by-step on how to: 

  • Find peace & acceptance

  • Release self-doubt

  • Combat negative self-talk

  • Rebuild your self-worth

  • Find yourself again

  • Love and embrace your authentic self

  • Create the healthy, fulfilling life you deserve


Private Coaching

When you learn how to cultivate self-awareness, and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself, the rest falls into place. 


This is not a one-size-fits-all. This is tailored coaching, designed to help you heal, embrace your strengths & authenticity, love who you are, and live your best fucking life.


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