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Founder of 
Mindfully Ready

Mindfully Ready LLC. Divorce Recovery Expert.

Hey there, beautiful!

I'm Leah Marie, a divorced mom of one amazing kiddo and the founder of Mindfully Ready.

Like many women, I made a lot of mistakes after my first divorce. I didn't focus on my own healing and hopped into a rebound relationship, which eventually led to my second divorce.

Ouch, right?

But sometimes, the biggest mistakes can turn into the biggest opportunities. After my second divorce, I knew I needed to focus on myself and my healing so I could rebuild my self-confidence and feel good again.

That's when I started my coaching business. I wanted to help other women navigate the challenging recovery process of divorce, so they could heal faster and be the best moms they could be for their kids. 

I teach women the best and most effective tools that I learned from my own recovery process to help them heal, move forward, and thrive in their new chapter. Because let's be honest, being a single mom is tough, but it's also a chance to create a life you love!

My services focus on rebuilding self-esteem, finding acceptance, and moving forward with confidence. I offer group coaching, a self-paced online course, workshops, and an exclusive monthly membership. 

If you're ready to prioritize your own healing and create the life you deserve, I'd love to support you along the way. 

Sending you lots of love and support,

Leah Marie

You Deserve To Feel Good Again.
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