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I’m Leah Marie, a twice-divorced mom, and your guide through the transformative journey of divorce recovery.

My first divorce taught me the hard lessons of rushing into new relationships without healing. I didn’t take the time to focus on myself, get clear on what I wanted (and didn't want), and it led me right into the arms of divorce number two.

That was my ugly wake-up call, the moment I realized that I couldn't skip the hard part of working on myself if I wanted to find the happiness I was looking for.

So, I went on an epic journey of healing and self-discovery. Therapy, journaling, meditation, books, podcasts – you name it, I did it. My goal was clear: to heal, to learn, and to emerge more self-aware so that I wasn't repeating the same mistakes.

Through my journey, I uncovered a passion: to empower other women facing the aftermath of divorce. As a Certified Divorce Recovery Coach, I’ve since dedicated my life to helping women like you release guilt, shame, and anger, rediscover their worth, and reclaim their happiness.


Now is the time for you to prioritize yourself, to transform your challenges into your greatest strengths, and to move forward feeling confident and excited about your future.

With Love + Support,

Leah Marie

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