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Mindfully Ready LLC. Divorce Recovery Expert.

Hi! I'm Leah Marie

My passion is helping women like you find acceptance & feel good about who you are so that you can not only survive your divorce, but THRIVE in this chapter of your life.

Leah Marie of Mindfully Ready LLc

Divorce Recovery Expert

After my divorce, I hopped right into another relationship. I was afraid of being alone and didn't take the time to heal or rebuild my self-confidence.


It wasn't until my second divorce that it finally hit me like a ton of bricks - if I wanted to find true happiness, I needed to strengthen the relationship I had with myself.

That's when I completely invested in rebuilding my self-esteem, and learned the most important elements that I now teach my clients.


Everything changed and I learned how to forgive, love, & accept myself. My confidence skyrocketed, I finally knew my worth, and I even met the love of my life!


That's all possible for you too!


I'd love to share with you the best & most effective tools to help you fall back in love with who you are & create the life you really want.


You Deserve to Feel Good Again!
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